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Our Team.

George is proud to work with a great team of instructors including Dianne Sutherland, Jim Sloper, Vit Snucins, and Brian Cassell, who bring the best possible instruction to our courses.

George McKnight

George is a Master Instructor in Pal and Core Training and brings 40+ years training experience to these programs in the classroom. A past, Team Leader in Search & Rescue, former Instructor/Trainer in the Royal Canadian Army (firearms & survival), in-depth experience as a contract Instructor for Universities and Colleges, Instructor of all-seasons, in-the-wilderness survival training and past Train-the-Trainer  experience with various First Aid programs.

Dianne Sutherland

Dianne has been with Pal-Core-ED since the beginning. As an instructor Dianne brings an easy learning style to the classroom and has great rapport with her students. Having a very high student success rate while focusing on firearm safety and hunter education is her  mission. Dianne enjoys helping students realize their sport shooting goals post training. Dianne is an avid outdoor person, hunter, target shooter (long range and handgun).

Jim Sloper
Jim Sloper

Jim has been instructing and coaching firearms for over 50 years. He is an International competitor in Cowboy Action shooting and has competed as far away as the Australian National Cowboy Action Shooting Championship and in the USA at both National and World Championship shoots. Jim enjoys the competition, hunting, target shooting,  reloading his own ammunition, and meeting the many great people who share his love of shooting.

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