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WE REQUIRE  payment in full once your registration date is confirmed. The payment is required to hold your seat in our class, it is only refundable under special circumstances. We have (2) two options for payment: INTERAC e-Transfer, or Cash payable at our office. INTERAC e-Transfer is our preferred choice of Payment. If you wish to use e-Transfer please use your mobile banking app to transfer funds to or Please reference course date and name and phone # in message. Please bring a pen and your reading glasses. If you wish to call us directly,

Dianne  (250)299-9505, office (778)470-3030,  George 250-852-0595 or 250-578-8933 .

Anyone wishing to acquire (purchase or sell) a firearm or ammunition must have a PAL, (Possession and Acquisition License).

This license has two parts - non/restricted for the possession of rifles and shotguns and restricted for the possession of handguns.


Anyone wishing to get a FWID (Fish and Wildlife ID) in order to go hunting and or fishing in B.C. must take the C.O.R.E. Course. C.O.R.E. is a 20 hour course and covers these sections:

  • Conservation

  • Ethics

  • Laws and Regulations

  • Outdoor Survival and Safety

  • Firearm Safety

  • Animal Identification

  • Bird Identification

Canadian Firearms Safety Courses for firearms licences.


1. PAL - Non-restricted (Possession and Acquisition License for Rifles and Shotguns). 9 hours

           $175.00 + $25.00 - Textbook (required) = $200.00   Total

2. PAL-R - Restricted  Possession and acquisition License for Possession of Handguns. 9 hours

           $175.00 + $25.00 - Textbook (required) = $200.00   Total

3. PAL & PAL-R - Restricted  Taken together or within 7 days of the PAL course. 13 hours

           $175.00 - (PAL Course) + $100.00 (PAL-R Course) + $25.00 Textbook (required) = $300.00 Total


4. CORE Program - Required Education for any one wishing to Hunt of Fish in B.C.

          $180.00 + $25.00 Textbook = $205.00 Total

5. CORE Challenge- Online or home study, Exam $50 or $60 with Firearm practical

Student Manual, available at the Class room or PowderKeg Shooters Supply (cash only)- $25.00

Government Licence and Application Fees

PAL - $62.55 Payable to the Federal Government of Canada - Valid for 5 years

PAL-R - $62.55 Payable to the Federal Government of Canada - Valid for 5 years

PAL & PAL-R - $83.40 Payable to the Federal Government of Canada - Valid for 5 years

CORE Program - $30.00 Payable to the BC Wildlife Foundation - Valid for life

Other Courses

PAWS - Please Contact Us

T.G.D. & W.H.I.M.I.S. - Please Contact Us

Wilderness Experience Training - Please Contact Us

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