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We are dedicated to teaching safe gun practices and hunter training. located in Kamloops, BC. Proudly serving the residents of the rugged Central Interior. We strive to provide an excellent learning experience in outdoor education to anyone interested in Ethical Hunter Training, Gun Safety,  safe Handgun Practices for Target Shooters and Wilderness and wild animal awareness. See below for our courses.


 We ask anyone who is feeling ill or has a cough to re-book.  

Additional classes upon request. We thank you for your continuing support.  
The Team at Pal-Core-Ed


Please read our mandate to practice ‘due diligence’ for the safety of our clients and staff, this is very important to us. We are detailing the steps and procedures we employ to reduce risk of any contamination and transmission of the current pandemic, Coronavirus.


Please note the following steps we take before and after every class.

We clean our office and classrooms with approved best practice cleaning products.

We wipe all tables, all points of contact, including handrails, bathroom fixtures and our training equipment which our students may have contact with.

Please note the following points of personal preparation we request you to follow for your safety:

  1. Please consider your current state of health, do you frequently cough? Do you have unusual aches and pains? Headaches? Dry sore throat/mouth? If you have any of these symptoms, or have come into contact with any person that is exhibiting these symptoms please consider postponing your course date to a later time when the risk to yourself or others has passed, 14 days as recommended by the W.H.O.

  2. We insist you practice washing your hands frequently... after every visit to the washroom.

  3. Please avoid physical contact with your classmates. Try to keep a 1 to 3 - meter space with your classmates in the classrooms.

  4. Please cooperate with your instructor(s) by wiping down the disabled firearms during the handling/practice sessions.

  5. Any cups, utensils, or personal service equipment must be set aside for cleaning in our dishwasher.

  6. Please do not bring food to the classroom; all liquids consumed in the classroom must be from sealed containers.

Notice to firearm owners.

Are you faced with decisions of what to do with old or unwanted firearms in your possession?  

Because it is difficult to access used firearms for training purposes we are willing to pay a nominal fee for unwanted firearms in working condition.  

In receiving your unwanted firearms, we would provide a written guarantee that the firearms would be decommissioned and would only be used as training equipment in the training of Canadian Firearms Safety Courses. (CFSC) If you are interested in having your firearms used for this valuable training please contact us via a phone call or in email. Thank you.

Canadian Firearms Safety Courses for firearms licences.


PAL - Non-restricted (Possession and Acquisition License for Rifles and Shotguns).

PAL-R - Restricted  Possession and acquisition License for Possession of Handguns.

C.O.R.E - Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education, also known as the Hunter Education Program

Outdoor ED Courses

PAWS - Predator Awareness & Wilderness Safety


A training course designed to provide awareness of the reality of BC predators, including Wolves, Cougars, Coyotes, Black & Grizzly Bears.  Topics include, basic biology of predators, recognise predator presence, response to an attack, defence during an attack, proper defence equipment, camp safety and food storage.

Wilderness Experience Training


Survival training in the wilderness including: animal awareness, camp building, signal and camp fires, map and compass understanding, edible plants, shelters, winter survival and care of game meat etc.

Other Training

TDG. (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) – Training and Certification.  This training is required for all persons who; offer for transport, handle or actually transport goods defined as dangerous goods in Canada


WHMIS.  (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) Training & Certification.  This training is required for all persons who;  work with or near hazardous materials used in Canadian workplaces.

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